Collision Repair in Gatineau, QC

The worst thing that you can do after any type of collision is to ignore the problem. Just because you considered it to be an minor crash doesn’t mean that your car feels the same way. Much like the internal trauma and emotional anguish that often accompanies a tragic event, a car or truck will not always exhibit the signs of disrepair on the outside. That does not mean that the damage doesn’t exist, rather it might be confined to underneath the hood or in less apparent parts of your vehicle. That is why it is essential that irrespective of the damage to the body of the car, you have it inspected for any other type of disrepair immediately.

At Joa's Garage we have been repairing vehicles with collision damage for decades. During that time we have seen every type of collision related issue cross our path. As such, it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about repairing vehicles and having them back to their very best in no time at all. Gatineau, QC motorists have a reputation for being clued in and that is why more of them have invested in Joa's Garage more than any other garage to repair their damaged vehicles. You should too.

Transmission Damage after a Collision

If you have been involved in a collision then sometimes the impact will be obvious. This includes anything like a dislodged bumper, a serious scratch or a shattered or cracked windshield. However, often the damage will be less visible and may take a while to manifest itself. One of the most likely places for such damage to occur is with your vehicle’s transmission.

If you have been involved in a collision and notice any of the following three signs then you need to contact Gatineau, QC’s leading garage straight away.

Slipping Transmission Following a Collision

One telltale sign that the impact of the collision is greater than you previously thought is if the transmission slips. You will know it is slipping if you find it harder to accelerate while on open road. This will be particularly evident as you merge from a secondary road to a freeway as you may find it difficult to keep up with freeway traffic.

Shifting to the Wrong Gear

Another clear indication that your transmission has suffered from collision damage is if you experience problems shifting from one gear to the next. Alternatively, if your vehicle consistently shifts to the wrong gear then that is another sign that something is up and needs to be addressed by a skilled mechanic.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If the fluid in your vehicle’s transmission is leaking following a collision then it is likely that a crack has occurred as a result of the impact. A leaking transmission is a very serious issue and should be fixed as quickly as possible.